Monthly Archive: December 2015

Love Sex and Hate : What Enrique’s show became

Sri Lanka seems to have some troubles / controversies with international artists in recent history. From  what I remember, Concert with Shah Ruck Khan and some other Bollywood stars bombed, Government  denied Visa for Akon , IIFA award ceremony which intended be a PR boost back fired following protests in  Tamil Nadu and many A-Listers missed the event which lead it become a loss at the end . Hari...


Christmas : How a Religious Event Transformed to a Global Event !

I would like to wish merry Christmas for those who celebrating, but this article is not about religious spirit or  peace or whatever people usually  would talk about Christmas. Here I am trying initiate a discussion on  “How Christmas transformed to a Global Event from a religious event. In a popular FB group someone asked “why Christmas become a national celebration despite the population  of Catholics in Sri Lanka...