Monthly Archive: January 2016

CEPA/ECTA – Instead of IT , Let’s Open up Cricket !

Practically everyone in the IT industry now opposing proposed CEPA/ECTA . While everyone just criticizing the government one of  my friends Mr Rajith Jayasekara came with an alternative solution for the government to proceed with CEPA. Let’s open up cricket instead of IT. Yes you read it right!, cricket . More specifically batsmen(Who would want Indian bowlers ? 😛 ) . India having so much young batting talents but...


Dilwale Review : Good in comedy fails in other aspects

  When youare watching a Bollywood commercial movie, you need set your standards / expectation according  to that. When the movie directed by Rohit Shetty , a separated set of standards applies as  well .  Diwale –his  latest movie is no different. In this brief review I am going to talk about few aspects of the movie keeping mind that it’s a Bollywood  commercial movie from Rohit Shetty  The story...