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Did Cameron fell on his own Sword : Aftermath of Brexit


Cameron fell on his own sword – That’s how CNN described it soon after the resignation announcement of David Cameron . It’s a kind of harsh saying  on  a man who gave a chance for the public opinion and decided to leave once his ideology defeated. It may seems like a perfect democratic political scenario, but when considering the facts like people googling EU after the poll results and...


CEPA/ECTA – Instead of IT , Let’s Open up Cricket !


Practically everyone in the IT industry now opposing proposed CEPA/ECTA . While everyone just criticizing the government one of  my friends Mr Rajith Jayasekara came with an alternative solution for the government to proceed with CEPA. Let’s open up cricket instead of IT. Yes you read it right!, cricket . More specifically batsmen(Who would want Indian bowlers ? 😛 ) . India having so much young batting talents but...


Love Sex and Hate : What Enrique’s show became


Sri Lanka seems to have some troubles / controversies with international artists in recent history. From  what I remember, Concert with Shah Ruck Khan and some other Bollywood stars bombed, Government  denied Visa for Akon , IIFA award ceremony which intended be a PR boost back fired following protests in  Tamil Nadu and many A-Listers missed the event which lead it become a loss at the end . Hari...


Christmas : How a Religious Event Transformed to a Global Event !

A smiling santa beside the giant christmas tree

I would like to wish merry Christmas for those who celebrating, but this article is not about religious spirit or  peace or whatever people usually  would talk about Christmas. Here I am trying initiate a discussion on  “How Christmas transformed to a Global Event from a religious event. In a popular FB group someone asked “why Christmas become a national celebration despite the population  of Catholics in Sri Lanka...