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IPhone got Bigger , But is it better ? :Preview on IPhone 6 / 6 Plus

  The much hyped Apple event of new iPhone held in last week , introducing two iPhone and the wearable – Iwatch .  Latest ‘Idevices’ made headlines around the word Including popular tech sites, mainstream media as well as social  media. The response from tech community ranging from Wow to troll face where tech reviewers –who usually say nothing     but good about Apple praising the companies’ latest...


IFA 2014 : My picks of Smart Phones – Note 4 , Xperia Z3 , Lumia 830 , Note Edge and Z3 Compact

IFA always been an event which attracts enthusiasts from all parts of the community – from tech geeks to journalists and IT professionals to curious consumers .This year’s IFA not an exception due to the large number product releases /unveilings planned and /or already being done. In this article I am  gonna have a brief discussion on my Smart Phone picks form this year’s event. Let’s start with the...