464-film-page-large Is this review censored? Not really but movie is (sadly). How do   I know?  when something you have seen in the trailer not available in the movie in the exact same way,… it’s obvious . What I don’t know is how much it is censored. , It could that particular scene worth of few seconds or it could be more . Either way censoring a R – Rated movie is laughable and pathetic . “ Censorship “  need to be discussed separately in detail , I ll just leave it to this


“ If any R Rated entertainment content makes a negative impact to any society , that society got much bigger problems to worry about than some pieces of entertainment”

Well let’s get back to the movie

The basics

Starting from the very beginning of it promotions Deadpool wanted shout that it’s different and stand out among other comics based movies . Simply It managed to deliver what they have promised . In every aspect it’s a whole different movie compared any other (at least from the movies I watched ) comic based movies

In comic based moving pictures (movie or TV ) references to the characters or incidents in particular universe is quite normal . But deadpool blur the line between actor and the character and take dig at the Marvel , X Men franchise and even DC (well this not a spoiler , it’s already in the trailer 😛 )


There is nothing special about the story , which is obvious ! It’s not like  Deadpool is  saving the world from some shit or so . So the story is simple but an amazing script is built around it to deliver entertaining movie experience. Awesome dialogs plays a major part of the entertainment which also  plays an integral role in establishing the character of Deadpool – “the merc with a Mouth” . Dialogs starting to attract the audience during the first minute into the movie and it remains to do so until the end of the movie (climax ) and the very end of the movie 😉 (Wait until credit is over )



Well-crafted action sequences add nice thrilling taste to the overall cinematic experience. Armed/  Un-armed combats  and car chases are done in a way to match with explicit theme of the movie . On top of usual modern Hollywood action elements you will find unique “deadpool moments” which will deliver a great deal of humor.


Acting performance

Rayon Renolds performance as Deadpool phenomenal. Good acting performance of an artist always portrait a character mixing his/her look , personality , abilities  and defined characteristics from the script . When it comes to characters with masks , former  two attributes   get lesser attention compared to any other scenario . But Rayan managed to mix his personality well into the character – which is exceptional in a similar movie . The style of storytelling where it goes as the narration of the main character and being relying on dialogs to attract audience also contribute to this.

As expected from any movie which focuses on a single character, all other characters given much less screen time and space . But how ever all managed to deliver their given part extremely well.


Final words

Due to the style of storytelling, scope and being very lively entertaining movie at the end you might feel movie was too short. ( At least myself and few friends felt that way ) . If you are into entertaining action comedy . Deadpool is an great choice . Watch it in theaters , but watch it again when  Bluray is released to check missing parts if there is any .


In IMDB Deadpool attracted 8.6/10 points as of this moment . My personal rating is 8/10 .


Poster credit – http://www.foxmovies.com/movies/deadpool

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