DDR-Dilwale-Front-320x320  When youare watching a Bollywood commercial movie, you need set your standards / expectation according  to that. When the movie directed by Rohit Shetty , a separated set of standards applies as  well .  Diwale –his  latest movie is no different.

In this brief review I am going to talk about few aspects of the movie keeping mind that it’s a Bollywood  commercial movie from Rohit Shetty

 The story

 Stories of Bollywood commercial movies are usually predictable, end is known from the beginning, Yet  there are some stories which will make audience curious about how things gonna play out to make that  known ending. This keeps audience alive with the story and waiting for the next twist to happen.

 Diwale is failed here miserably even compared to Rohit shetty’s other movies including Chennai express – which has a predictable ending but un expected set of events lead to that. For anyone who watched the trailer of Diwale , story is clear from the beginning so audience is not curios about the next scene except for one moment which I won’t say to avoid the spoiler (It’s really hard to Spoil this movie )


Dilwale can be considered as an upgrade for Rohit Shetty’s actions flicks. South Indian style actions shifted a bit but not convincing enough, but it bearable compared to usually Bollywood actions. Car chases have improved in terms of Cars and visual aspects. Expensive cars are used for chases which are portrayed in more convincing  angles  and rhythm except for the Usual everlasting Drifts .According to Rohith ,  people  do lot of things while cars are drifting , including the characters of Diwale. One guy marked the cross on his chest , while on a another scene another two having intensive , Romantic moment


Romance not a strong area of Rohit , but it practically made  the SRK as we sees him today . SRK still extremely good at Romance but he cannot be the cute young lad once he was in 90s –  the RaJ of DDLJ. Even though Kajol still looks stunning, SRK In his 25 year old mode looks aged and artificial.

Don’t worry girls he is still handsome, when he is in role justifiable to his age. :p

The Romance of supporting characters was cool given the story and context .Music properly used to boost the emotions but same music could have use a better script . The Song Janam Janam was my favorite which composed nicely in terms of both Music and Cinematography. The song Gerua is nice itself but forced in to the movie in typical Bollywood style

The Song Janam Janam 


This where Dilwale excels. I watched the movie in a nearly house full theater where all most everyone laughed very frequently – until the end   . The characters, dialogs, incidents are properly used to provide genuine humor. Jonney lever and  Boman Irani should be applauded for their special performance in this aspect . Varun and SRK too deliver good humor

A movie review should use Character names when describing the movie , but here I only used names of actors . The reason is entire movie is driven by the star power particularly of SRK . Apart from the comedy , SRK was the most interesting thing to watch as it he delivers his usual performance within given space . Varun , Jonny and Boman too contribute well . But with the exception of few times start power supersede the characters due to the poor story. Riding on star power is not necessarily a bad thing, unless stars become the main thing to watch


One of my friend suggested that success of Diwali is driven by Nostalgia – a statement which I agree with him now . I opted to watch Diwale , over Baji Rao mastani due this specific reason and it didn’t turn out well . I might watch SRK’s films due to nostalgia but I do not expect him to be the RaJ of  DDLJ , I rather like to see him as Don , Khan(My name is khan ) , Veer (Veer-Zaara) , Kabir(Chak de India ) or atleast the Rahul of Kabhi Kushi Kabi gum


If you are a fan of SRK and like a casual comedy at the end of tiresome day / week,   Diwale is a good choice, But do not expect a good story or a movie even within Bollywood commercial movie standards

Image coutesy – movies.ndtv.com