IFA always been an event which attracts enthusiasts from all parts of the community – from tech geeks to journalists and IT professionals to curious consumers .This year’s IFA not an exception due to the large number product releases /unveilings planned and /or already being done. In this article I am  gonna have a brief discussion on my Smart Phone picks form this year’s event. Let’s start with the big thing – Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4- Not just the literal big

note 4

Bit of History

 Galaxy Note series could be considered as the king of the class created by it self . Samsung practically created the larger screen smart phone category named phablet with first generation of Note . All most all Android manufacturers as well as Nokia with Windows Phone 8 also followed the Samsung’s lead by introducing their own versions of Phablets to the market. And if rumors about the large screen Iphone proven to be true Samsung could take credit of influencing Apple –which would be kind of funny since the “Copying allegations”   usually goes in other way


Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 took forward most of the good things of it’s smaller size sibling- S5,  like 16MP camera, finger print sensor , ..etc  while introducing new improvements of its own like latest Snapdragon Processor , QHD screen , OIS, better front camera ..etc to keep up with the rival’s offerings . It would be great if Note 4 keeps the Water proofness of S5  , yet Note 4 is worthy upgrade for any phablet user . It would also be a compelling choice as a regular smart phone for a user who don’t mind carrying a large device. The features alone doesn’t make the Note 4 the ‘Big’ thing the of the IFA 2014 , but the context of the phone released where Samsung’s main rival rumored to be preparing to  battle in same category of Note 4 helps it

Galaxy Note Edge – Interesting concept ,yet be proven


Galaxy note Edge might not have an immediate competitor like Note 4 does , but it’s  really an interesting device which might create a new range of device like ‘Phablets’ – Who knows? . But however we are yet see the real life usage of the curved screen and the additional strip of screen , nevertheless note edge is an interesting device





Xperia Z3 – The device doesn’t justify its existence


Sony often being praised for producing premium good looking phones with quality materials like metal and  glasses. Like its predecessors Z,Z1 and Z2 , Xperia Z3 too  a premium device which retains the core design  concepts of Xperia Zx family yet stand out with a new overall look. Most notable difference I see in black and  white version of the device is maintaining same color in all sides compared to the all-black front and two color  frame in Z2 and Z1 . Without a doubt Z3 is a great looking device but unfortunately apart from the design Z3 is not a much of improvement to Z2

Even though 6 month refresh cycle of Sony somewhat strange the upgrades from Z to Z1 and Z1 to Z2 consisted significant hardware and software improvements like processor, ram , camera , screen , Os version and software tweaks , but however Z2 to Z3 update carries only few under the hood improvements like software changes and slightly higher clock speed and also lack the anticipated features such as Snapdragon 805 and QHD screen

If there is no Z2 being released Z3 would have been a great flagship device with premium build as well unique features (20 MP camera , Water and Dust proofness ..etc ) . But with Z2 having lesser price tag with mostly identical features alone with  a premium build Sony might face hard time in Z3 sales unless they get a quick release on a new ground like US where Z2 not being released


Z3 Compact –  The Most Powerful Compact/Mini edition of a smart phone


Unlike it’s big brother, Z3 Compact indeed a worthy upgrade.  At the time of the release of Z1 compact it was the most powerful compact/mini Android device which brought same processor, ram and camera of the flagship device to a smaller device targeting consumers who wanted device which can handle with single hand easily. This is a new strategy from Sony where its competitors usually strip down performance in their mini/compact versions. With correct marketing strategies in key markets , Z3 compact is capable of delivering solid sales for Sony because it uniqueness




Lumia 830 – The Affordable Flagship ?


  Microsoft – the new owner of Nokia trying come up with a new strategy for getting the much needed boost for its    Windows Phone platform . Lumia – 830 is the first device matches with this new strategy named as “The affordable   flagship” by Microsoft. Given the specs of Lumia 830 one might question calling the Lumia 830 a flagship , but the resources required smooth operations in Windows Phone 8.x is usually less than  what  Android needs hence lumia 830  might have the same level of capabilities of an Android phone which has  higher price . Actual capabilities of Lumia 830 yet be proven , but if succeeded it might be the change Windows Phone platform waiting for a long time


These are my thoughts on few selected smartphones of IFA 2014 , Please state yours in Comment section

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