apple-iphone-6-2The much hyped Apple event of new iPhone held in last week , introducing two iPhone and the wearable – Iwatch .  Latest ‘Idevices’ made headlines around the word Including popular tech sites, mainstream media as well as social  media.

The response from tech community ranging from Wow to troll face where tech reviewers –who usually say nothing     but good about Apple praising the companies’ latest offering , while Android fans trolling the specs of the devices in     comparison to Android flagships –sometimes old flagships

In this article I am going to take a middle ground to preview the latest Apple products to see whose arguments are       valid


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Bigger the better

One of biggest drawback IOS platform had was the single screen size which is below average 4inch on IPhone 5 , 5S and 5C . Apple solved both the issues by giving two screen sizes which are larger compared to the previous generation. While IPhone 6 at 4.7 inch competing with regular Android flagships IPhone 6 plus is the first device of IOS platform which fall into phablet category where Samsung practically dominated and will compete with devices like Galaxy Note 4 – which unveiled early this month at IFA

Upgraded specs and look

All most all the aspect of the iPhone is upgraded including processor , dimensions , shape , camera, NFC  ..etc . However some these upgrades are minor and looks like outdated compared to its Android and windows phone rivals, while the feature like  NFC with Apple pay and thinness are notable and looks  good

New screen sizes –(Actually having the choice of screen size at all ) alone could justify  the “Better than Ever” claim of apple while NFC and other feature upgrades contributing towards it .

So why people making a fuss?

I like to divide the claims against for the IPhone 6 in to three categories and discuss

Processor and RAM

Android flagships nowadays contains Quad Core Processors with higher clock speeds coupled with at least 2GB of RAM . Windows phone devices usually had slightly less hardware configurations which now seems to be changing gradually.

Compared to the rivals the processor and RAM numbers of latest Apple offerings seems to be below par on paper. But however this is being the case for Apple devices in last few iterations yet there is no performance differences between IOS and Android devices. Since Apple being the only hardware manufacture for its own platform whatever the configurations they fitted in their latest should be enough for smooth operations-(a feature which Apple devices usually being praised )  as well as good performance in third party applications

Anyway the 1 GB RAM available in IPhone 6 might have an impact on multitasking capabilities of the devices , yet again the multitasking capabilities offered by IOS platform is much less compared to the Android offerings such as Native capabilities and features like Split screens and floating apps , hence an average IOS user might not see that as a limitation

Therefore the argument based on numbers might not be applicable practically as it doesn’t impact the performance of the device unless a memory limitation issue

Screen and Camera

All the Android flagships equipped with full HD screen resolutions while some new devices like Galaxy Note 4 goes beyond HD and have QHD screens. Apple stick with less than HD screen resolution for IPhone 6 while IPhone 6+ only got HD resolution compared to its direct rival Note 4 . One might argue that differences aren’t visible, yet I see the inferior screen resolutions as a legitimate argument against latest IPhones

Few years back IPhone camera arguably provided the best image quality and feature rich imaging experience. Even though some of Apple fans still believe iPhone being best smartphone camera , the camera comparisons done various tech sites indicates that both Windows phone and Android devices took the crown from the Apple

Even if we left out the monster 42MP camera on Lumia 1020 , Lumia series still got devices with impressive camera of 20 MP coupled with good sensors . In Android front Sony Leads Mega Pixel race with its 20MP flagships while Samsung and LG got very impressive and feature rich 16 MP cameras

Given the above configurations of rivals,  IPhone 6 camera with 8MP is outdated compared to already exiting competition  while it risks having new competition  from Microsoft and Sony  Samsung  and LG before  next IPhone iteration. Yes we need to wait until the actual camera comparison results for verdict yet I won’t bet for IPhone to be winner

Special features


Storage Expansion – All most all Android and Windows phone got storage expansion capabilities which let users to have greater storage for less price. Apple is still stick with its ‘Internal storage only’ strategy where users have to pay more just for having additional storage.

Water and Dust resistance – One year back Water and dust resistance was limited for Sony – comparatively smaller Android vendor, however it’s a nice to have feature which will become handy in a rainy day along with other uses as well. Samsung recognize it and enabled it in their Galaxy S5 giving the feature a mainstream recognition. But Apple seems to ignore it for the moment


Various Android manufactures integrate their own versions of features top of native Android capabilities. Samsung leads the pack in this aspect and it’s introduction of S pen and other unique features in Note series among the top reason for Phablet(Larger screen smartphones ) to become relevant-which lead Apple to follow Samsung’s strategy  . Even though IPhone 6 + falling to same category of phablet , it doesn’t seems to utilize the additional space to introduce new capabilities



While most of the claims against latest Apple devices seems to be true, it already recorded strong pre-order count which is an indicator for the potential commercial success. Largely fan based IPhone target market definitely will embrace the changes IPhone 6 brings and it would be interesting to see how well it will do against competition outside of US

And finally answering to the question asked in title – Yes IPhone 6 got better while becoming bigger, yet not as good as current Android flagships   and some Windows Phone flagships .