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Deadpool : A *ucking censored Review (No Spoilers)

 Is this review censored? Not really but movie is (sadly). How do   I know?  when something you have seen in the trailer not available in the movie in the exact same way,… it’s obvious . What I don’t know is how much it is censored. , It could that particular scene worth of few seconds or it could be more . Either way censoring a R – Rated movie...


PK – A sweet yet powerful slap for the society

The back Ground Bollywood – The second largest cinema industry of the world always being unique compared to the world cinema. Mostly unrealistic stories backed by colorful sceneries, filled with music, dance, comedy, own way of actions, dramatic dialogs and emotions are the basic characteristics of a typical Bollywood movie which proven to be a success within India as well as in few other countries. For decades   Bollywood movies...