Dasun Buwaneka

Dasun Buwaneka

Dasun Buwaneka

Software Quality Engineer, Tech Enthusiast, Amateur Photographer and More...


My name is Dasun . Thanks a lot for taking time to read little bit about me. I was born in the beautiful tropical Island of Sri Lankan , where I lived until August 2019 before moving to foothills of Alps-Munich.

Software Quality Engineer by profession

I am a Software Quality engineer by profession, I have started my career in as a Software Developer , but within short period of time I realised my true skills and passion lies in Software quality . Over 6 years of challenging, interesting and amazing journey as a software QE professional has proven that I took a correct decision to pursue a path which I was truly passionate about.

Even though my core skills are in Automated Testing using various technologies, I really enjoy the strategical portion of software testing as well. I think a quality software is delivered when a comprehensive testing strategy is implemented effectively using correct processes, tools and technologies. Driven by above philosophy, I am continuously trying to update myself with various skills required in different stages of the software testing life cycle.

A Tech Enthusiast  

As millennials, our generation was really lucky to witness some of the great transitions in technological space, especially in computing. Though we experienced the computing first time with devices which only had fraction of the power of a modern smart phone, we also grew up with technology(literally ), which made us more eager and appreciative towards technological advancements.

Though there are multiple factors contributed for me to pursue my higher studies in Computing , the very first interest I am remember was came from a computer game – The Age of Empire 2 (Thanks Microsoft  ) . I can not say I am a heavy gamer, but I still play lot of games in my leisure times and specially interested in open world gaming Franchises like GTA in addition to RTS games like Age of Empires. 

High end PC builds to sleek Two in ones , smartphones to wearables  , Gaming consoles , Graphics cards ( Well… anything related to gaming)  , smart home solutions , Artificial Intelligence applications and  IOT applications towards sustainability are few of those my interest areas , but the list is much longer than this.

Amateur photographer  

This is relatively new hobby I have taken Up. I used to take photos with my phone until about 3 years ago when I bought my first entry-level DSLR, since then I tried to learn photography and capture shots whenever I visit an interesting place. Since I could not be my own judge, I will leave that to you. The cover of this page also one of my attempt to capture the essence of mesmerising Amsterdam in a single photo.   

and More

One might say that having lots of hobbies make a person less dedicated for a given activity , but my reply for that would “ Since we live in an amazing time (minus the Pandemic) , with lot of options to enjoy the life , why should we limit our selves to limited number of things.

In addition to Tech , Gaming and photography I do lot of stuff to enjoy the life , this includes watching movies and Tv series, casual traveling , music, cycling and reading.

I really like

Action, Fantasy and Comedy genres in movies and TV , Different styles of music in any language , Working in Teams , Rainy weather and spicy food.